Electrostatics Intruments

IDB Systems have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Electrostatic Instrumentation. Our engineers knowledge combined provides us with a platform to address the most challenging problems.

Our range of Electrostatic Instruments includes a number of types of hand held units for studies of electrostatic conditions in industrial plants and field meters for use in particularly adverse environmental conditions.

Additionally, we manufacture a surface resistance meter, a surface charge decay meter, a conduction to ground monitor and a powder resistivity meter.

Our electrostatics products are:

  • ID-107Hand held Electrostatic Field Meter
  • ID-471A – Conduction to Ground Monitor
  • ID-471B – Conduction to Ground Monitor
  • ID-471PPortable Wrist Strap Meter
  • ID-909Powder Resistivity Meter
  • ID-913 – Charge Decay Meter (EN1149-3)
  • ID-914Surface Resistance Meter
  • ID-917Electrostatic Charge Decay Meter
  • ID-917B – Electrostatic Charge Decay Meter (3D Objects)
  • ID-923 – Charge Decay Meter (EN1149-3)

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