ID-909 – Powder Resistivity Meter

The ID-909 is a next generation Powder Resistivity Meter designed to provide accurate and reproducible measurements of Powder resistivity and related electrical measurements essential for a successful electrostatic powder coating process

Building on the success of the ID-465, the Model 909 Powder Resistivity Meter is provided with a special improved test cell and digital interface to enable accurate and reproducible measurements of powder resistivity.

The microcontroller also simplifies the zero setting operation of the instrument and provides a USB port for connecting a Laptop or PC and logging results.

The reading displayed is automatically compensated in relation to the voltage applied. The new design of sample cell has a powder capacity of only 28ml and is fully demountable for easy cleaning. The Resistivity Meter also enables measurements to be made of voltages and quantities of charge by use of the optional high voltage probe and screened Faraday pail.

To download the datasheet, please click here.