Hazardous Area Personnel Test Meters (HAPTM)

“…Essential Health & Safety devices for screening personnel entering areas where electrostatic discharges must be avoided…”

IDB Systems have developed a range of Hazardous Area Personal Test Meters (HAPTM) which in accordance with IATG 05.40 and MOD JSP482 explosive regulations, provide the means to screen personnel prior to them entering an area that may contain a potentially explosive atmosphere.

All of our instruments are simple to operate and include a self-test feature to minimise expensive on-site maintenance and are pre-configured for the appropriate regime.

Resistance (hand to earth) in a conductive regime shall be <1MΩ and the resistance (hand to earth) in an antistatic regime is required to be between 125 kΩ to 100 MΩ. We also provide units configured to the 1000MΩ limit as outlined inEN 354 - code of practice for control of undesirable static electricity "General Considerations". Our HAPTM products are:

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Health & Safety Announcement – These pieces of equipment are factory configurable to provide conformance testing to both EN and BS specifications as detailed in the product’s specifications.